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Medical Risk Block can answer 'yes' to all the questions below. Medical Risk Block is software which supports gathering information about incidents/accidents, analysing factors, reporting totals, developing countermeasures, implementing countermeasures, inspecting implementation status and evaluating countermeasure effectiveness.
Medical Risk Block can answer 'yes' to various medical demands. Note: The software's graphics and functions were updated in October 2010. The design and functions of the products may change without notice.

Can anyone create a report easily?

A report can be created just by choosing the required terms. You can make the first report for the time being and then analyse factors later when you have time. If you formulate a countermeasure, you can register it on the spot as 'the first countermeasure'. You do not have to look for paper and learn the way to write it.

Is it possible to protect both our patients' and our privacy?

All information that you input or choose is closely managed and saved on the server. Managed and saved personal information is only accessible to authorised administrators. Also, reports are only dealt with on the computer displays, so you are free from complicated paper exchanges. Moreover, the possibility of unauthorised access decreases.
Medical Risk Block is a secure reporting system.

Can you report summarised or statistical data easily?

Example Summary
(disease name / accident level)

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All entries of registered information of incidents and accidents can be cross tabulated. Also, you can easily create statistical data for each period, accident type or accident level and quickly create periodic reports that are formatted or illustrated with graphs.

Can we check whether countermeasures were effective enough?

Picture Verifying Countermeasure Effectiveness

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We support verifying countermeasure effectiveness by using examination and inspection functions. In the example display on the right, the red line shows the implementation status of the countermeasure (execution rate for each category) and the blue line shows the occurrence of incidents which are related to the countermeasure at the same time. You can see the countermeasure is highly effective at preventing incidents from occurring as the execution rate of Medical Risk Block increases.

Is it possible to alter and publicise countermeasures?

We have options to standardise countermeasures and to thoroughly inform employees through e-learning. This product is completely compatible with the electronic manual for Medical Nice Knowledge and the functions of e-learning. So, please trust the system with standardisation and publication.
The system standardises countermeasures in operating procedure manuals and it can prevent recurrence. You can publicise countermeasures to staff through online testing and the administrators can check the attendance and the scores of all staff.


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