Reliable hospital operations for patients and health care providers|Medical Risk Block can prevent medical incidents|Medical Risk Block is changing the medical scene.

Preventing the recurrence
of accidents
0 cases of lawsuits or settlements

Medical Risk Block provides the parallel operation of highly effective countermeasures with the registration of three layers of countermeasures which includes a primary countermeasure to cope with any situation on the job, a section countermeasure to prevent the recurrence of incidents and a committee countermeasure for prevention. Medical Risk Block will develop and implement countermeasures at the working level. With e-learning, Medical Risk Block will manage the notification of staff members to prevent accidents.

Automated verification of countermeasure effects
¥4.56 million cut

Summarisation, analysis and preparation of incident reports can be done with one touch. Medical Risk Block fully supports the XML reports of the Japan Council for Quality Health Care. Countermeasure effects are traced and verified, regardless of whether the implementation results of Medical Risk Block are effective or not. Medical Risk Block cuts the necessary effort of medical safety administrators by 38%.

Easy to input incident reports
Saving ¥3.41 million per year

Incidents are easily reported by simply clicking on each item. Compared to the conventional reporting methods, Medical Risk Block cuts effort in the field by 92%. Because reports are closely managed in the system instead of on paper, the anonymity of the reporters and patients is strictly protected.

The Features of Medical Risk Block

Feature1Incidents are easily and quickly input and reported only by making selections.

Required information for incident reports (e.g. incident site, details, situation, etc.) is registered in the system beforehand. The reporter enters the patient's number then simply clicks on the icons on the screen with the mouse so that the patient's condition will be automatically input.

Feature2The privacy of reporters and patients is protected.

The reported information is closely managed within the system. The reporter's and patient's information is treated as delicate information by the authorised administrators. Unnecessary information for summary or analysis operations is masked to ensure complete anonymity.

Feature3The total data analysis can be combined flexibly to suit your preferences.

The registered incidents' data can be summarised and analysed in 323 ways. Data is not freely input to prevent the dispersion of total results by differences in word choice. The data can be registered and summarised with your clinic's original terms and it is also registered within the system with the code issued by the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare.

Feature4Send documents to committees and reports to the Japan Council for Quality Health Care with one touch.

Standard format of individual and summarised data which corresponds to fixed form reports enables transfer to Microsoft Excel and Word. Fixed form reports are easily completed. It conforms to the XML style for the Japan Council for Quality Health Care and is converted automatically from the original code of the hospital to the code issued by the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare to allow quick, correct reporting.

Feature5The countermeasures correspond to three layers and support understanding the effects of the countermeasures.

Three layers of countermeasures can be registered. The first is the primary countermeasure adapted quickly to any situation, the second is the section countermeasure to prevent recurrence through factor analysis and the third is the committee countermeasure as a preventative measure which enables standardisation for the whole hospital. Medical Risk Block has every countermeasure for checks and inspections to confirm the state of implementation on the job. Later, system monitoring observes the fluctuation of incidents on the job to make the effects of countermeasures visible.

Feature6Complete dissemination of countermeasures to all employees.
(cooperation with Medical Nice Knowledge is optional)

Countermeasures are converted into electronic manual systems. They are available to be standardised at the working level. It is reflected in not only the manuals about medical safety management, but also the ones about applicable operations to prevent working procedure mistakes. Online e-learning tests allow you to inform employees about countermeasures so that administrators can objectively see the level of employees' understanding.

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